The Music of Friends

NABBA19 (April 5-7) – Rewarding!

We made it and Friday was very hectic!

First thing in the morning we loaded the percussion into Embassy Theatre for the 10pc Ensemble Class – we were the second group to perform!  (no one likes being first).  Our reward?  Kewl!NABBA 19 10pc placement pt

Immediately afterwards was our group photo with one awesome photographer, Brad, from Performing Arts Photography.  If you follow this link you’ll see the quality of what he and his team do!

Afterwards a quick dash to our rehearsal venue to get rid of “road noise” and do a bit of dusting before our afternoon performance in the Embassy Theatre!

Lunch was for some none, for others normal – but by 1pm we started into the “competition flow” meaning that we began by placing our instrument cases in the assigned room, then followed a volunteer down 6 flights of stairs (the little elevator for the bigger instruments) to the warmup room, then through the “catacombs” (the windy, twisty halls of the basement), to back stage.

Then!   it was show time!!

Many of the musicians were a little uncomfortable with seeing a camera on stage, but that soon faded as the music began.  At one moment it felt as if the world was slowing down, then shortly thereafter, it was over!  A wonderful performance by all.  Yes – quite tired, but so glad to hear that we moved up from bottom 3rd of the section to the middle 3rd!


The remainder of the weekend was being Band Geeks!  Lots of great bands to listen to and lots of trades with instruments and music!

Cant wait to see what next year’s NABBA competition brings!

Our next event?  This Friday, the 12th at St Mary’s – come here the repertoire we did in Fort Wayne and more!

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