The Music of Friends


In the fall of 2011, we began under the name of “A Little Wind Music” as a chamber wind ensemble of light classical to contemporary music numbering between 5 and 12 musicians.  This allowed us to be adaptable to both the repertoire and the function for which we performed.  We formalized several fixed ensembles such as our brass quintet (5) which was most popular with dinner functions and weddings, our 10-piece brass ensemble “Brit-10-ish” (using the instruments of the British Brass Band and great for concerts in smaller venues), and our 11-15 piece Brass Choir (using french horns and trumpets).  As well we performed as a wind dectet (basically a double woodwind quintet).

In January 2018, the brass players within us trialed a full British-style Brass Band to go the North American Brass Band Association Championships in Fort Wayne Indiana and had so many wonderful experiences that we decided to continue with Upper Canada Brass!

As of the fall of 2019, we perform as a brass quintet, a brass sextet (that focuses on sacred music “Sacred-6”), a 10-piece brass ensemble “Brit-10-ish”, and as a full brass band “Upper Canada Brass”.

We enjoy many artistic opportunities such as concerts, corporate functions, and weddings, with a special lean towards Canadian repertoire, and music published within the last decade to keep things fresh!

We hope you enjoy looking through this site, and please feel free to contact us if you’re looking for some interesting music.

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